Barbara Ward

Yoga with Barbara Ward

I was first introduced to yoga whilst at school, and since then I have enjoyed taking classes of lots of different styles. But it was vinyasa yoga I found myself drawn to most - flowing from posture to posture, incorporating the breath. I completed my 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher training in London under the tutorship of Michael Wong and Emily Clare-Hill - and I am still learning today, each time I step onto the mat. My beginners class introduces students to different poses, with a focus on good alignment, breath work and - perhaps most importantly - a light-hearted attitude that embraces each wobble. I give my students the tools and the confidence to find their own yoga practice. I am so excited to share my love of yoga with you and can't wait to see you on the mat.
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Monday 7.45-9.15pm
Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Darren Cheers

Scapilates with Darren Cheers

​I have been in the fitness industry since my early twenties. I first started teaching aerobics for Bath University Student's Union whilst doing my English Degree, before moving to London and making it my calling in life. Over the years and the many incarnations the fitness industry has embarked upon, I have also developed and evolved with the times and research. I have witness the emergence and subsequent fading of various fitness fads and discovered what is sustainable and effective.

I began teaching Pilates over 6 years ago, and with my continuous expansion of knowledge and experience have developed a more active brand of Pilates which I've trademarked Scapilates.

​Scapilates is a more dynamic approach with less mat work and more emphasis on body weighted exercises, that generate a training effect. By fixating on scapular stability this actively stimulates more effective core recruitment and encourages the body to work as a single unit. Through a series of dynamic strength and length sequences posture, flexibility and balance is immediately improved.
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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Gianni Trivedi

Pilates with Gianni Trivedi

I have been doing Pilates since November 2005 and qualified to teach in July 2013. I have had spinal surgery which has changed my life completely, this has given me a huge different outlook on the well being of my spine so I can give suggestions or advice to a certain extent for anyone suffering with lower back issues or possibly suffering the same symptoms or condition I did which was a herniated disc.
The well being of my clients is essential for their health and safety, I can digress exercises and progress them, I can give alternatives if a client has an injury or in unable to perform an exercise. Possessing knowledge is not all what it takes to be an instructor it is also how you convey yourself that clients understand you and feel relaxed so being an effective communicator is essential as well as, the personality of an instructor is pivotal. I am confident, innovated, approachable, dedicated, influential, an effective listener, fun, patient, committed, motivated which makes my classes very good so people will return and influence others to join.
I am able to teach all levels from Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Classical and Contemporary Pilates. Depending on the studio/premises and their equipment/level of class I also incorporate the use of the Swiss/Mini Ball, Light Weights, Dyna Band, Pilates Circle and Foam Roller. I am Pilates reformer trained I can teach Pre/Post natal. I have Levels 2 and 3 in Mat Based Pilates also.
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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Kay Wettasinghe

Information Coming Soon
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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Lydiana Abbott

Yoga with Lydiana

Lydiana started yoga 13 years ago, where she was introduced to Ashtanga at school. Being relatively, naturally flexible she was instantly hooked. It was only until many years on, that she realised the importance of strength in asana practice. Lydiana has spent the last year teaching at yoga retreats and centres around South America. Back in London, Lydiana teaches Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa and Beginners classes.

Power Yoga

A fast paced class to create heat in the body. We move through a series of postures, building on top of them to deepen our practice. Be prepared to sweat, come out a little shaky in the thighs but calm in mind.

Back to Basics

This open level class is for those looking to refresh and refine their regular practice, and for beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of asana technique. The class begins with a more contemporary warm up to awaken the body and we finish with Pranayama, breathing exercises to slow down the mind and body for the rest of the Sunday.
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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Marina Guarnieri

Pilates with Marina Guarnieri

Marina Guarnieri is originally from Rome, where she professionally trained and worked as a dancer. She moved to London in 2010 where she continued working internationally as a Dancer, Assistant Choreographer and Choreographer. 
Pilates was always part of her training, she could see it made her more centred and grounded and that it positively influenced her posture and alignment.
Her willingness to gain a profound body awareness, help others improve their posture and prevent injuries made her soon decide to become a STOTT PILATES® Instructor.
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Monday 7.45-9.15pm
Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Sammy Furnival

Yoga with Sammy




Sammy fell in love with the possibilities of the body from a young age and trained as a dancer for 15 years, until one day stumbling across yoga in search of something more. After discovering the transformational benefits yoga provided, and beginning a journey towards mindfulness, self-love and light, Sammy travelled to India to complete her 200 Hour yoga teacher training. Forever learning, Sammy now practices and teaches regularly across London, as well as in Europe and India.


Sammy's classes aim to empower and invigorate, regardless of whether you are a yoga jedi or a yoga newbie. Using creative sequencing, rooted in strong breath her classes both ground and balance. You can expect a non-judgemental setting, a mindful theme to sink your teeth into and good dose of playfulness. Falling, shining, wobbling, smiling, balancing and sighing are all heavily encouraged. 

Find out more at or @sammyloveandlightyoga

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Monday 7.45-9.15pm
Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Sunny Mahil

Yoga with Sunny Mahil

Sunny is a yoga teacher who’s principles are focused on empowerment. She believes in the power of yoga to strengthen the mind as well as the body….the balance between the yin and yang for harmony.
Sunny has the experience of using yoga in her own life to help her through her own journey, and has experienced the benefits herself.
We are consumed by stress in modern life with people , this is clear in the increase in mental and physical health issues. Sunny says she is not interested in people being “perfect” at yoga with super flexibility and designer sportswear but being willing and open to the potential benefits: to reconnect with yourself. She says that the biggest satisfaction for her is to see her clients do what they never though they could. Being patient., and generally letting go.
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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Roz Nugent

Pilates with Roz

My introduction to Pilates came about as a result of chronic back pain. Once rehabilitated, I went back to my first love: yoga. Shoulder pain then brought me back yet again to Pilates, and that was a turning point for me. In 2009 I signed up to do teacher training with the renowned Pilates Foundation, and have been teaching ever since.
Every teacher has their own unique style of teaching. My classes are dynamic and fluid, with one exercise seamlessly transitioning in to the next. I combine the classical Pilates repertoire with contemporary Pilates, with an emphasis on breathing and alignment.
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Monday 7.45-9.15pm
Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Melissa Reinke

Pilates with Melissa Reinke

Melissa is a fully qualified Pilates Equipment and Matwork Instructor having completed the Pilates Foundation UK training Course in 2006.
Melissa has an extensive repertoire and enjoys teaching classical Pilates and has trained with some of Pilates' most notable individuals who have had the secrets of Pilates passed down by Joseph Pilates himself.
This thorough training enables a fully comprehensive and safe Pilates class.
As well as providing a strong workout and encouraging strength, flexibility and body-toning, Melissa also has an extensive knowledge of Pilates for injury rehabilitation and pre/post-pregnancy.
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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Laura Malach

Yoga with Laura

Laura Malach is a local yoga teacher, teaching a vinyasa and hatha, flow style, that incorporates breathe with movement with a complete final relaxation. Laura is also a dedicated and highly experienced pregnancy yoga instructor and postnatal/mum and baby yoga instructor. Laura has taught close to 1000 pregnant ladies yoga and is truly passionate about teaching pregnancy yoga and helping everyone who comes to her class get the most out of practising yoga during pregnancy.

Laura believes a day with yoga is better than a day without!  Coming from a corporate work life, Laura was drawn to yoga as her escapism from busy life and found that it encouraged calmness, balance and strength to her everyday. There are many scientific and health benefits of yoga; however, Laura believes in the very simple benefit – it makes you feel great!

All of Laura’s classes are accessible to all and are suitable for all levels of fitness. To book in for Laura’s pregnancy yoga class, please visit her website directly or email Laura:

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Monday 7.45-9.15pm
Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Simon Hoten

Yoga with Simon Hoten

Simon has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation since 2003.

He encourages his students to experience their yoga practise as a means of self inquiry, to deeply (re)connect with themselves, whilst letting the breath guide and move them.

As a yoga and meditation teacher he also has 25 years experience of a fast-paced, city working-life with all the pressures, expectations and challenges that this lifestyle brings. He has experienced first hand the positives that yoga and meditation bring, including supporting improved focus and energy as well as helping alleviate symptoms of stress, whilst also supporting improved sleep patterns particularly after long periods of travelling.

He is deeply inspired by the teachings of Donna Farhi and Richard C Miller PhD.

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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm

Lisa Siciliano

Zumba with Lisa

My name is Lisa.

I’ve always been passionate about Fitness and Well-being.

I started to teach fitness classes in Italy when I was in my twenties and never stopped since then.

It’s when I moved to London that I discovered Zumba for the first time. I was immediately struck by its rhythm.

What I love the most about teaching Zumba is the opportunity to see my clients getting more confident in themselves and in their bodies.

Zumba is a fitness programme which gives you a calories burning cardiovascular workout in the atmosphere of a dance party, it makes your fitness goals become reality in a fun and dynamic environment

I try to help my clients achieve a balanced lifestyle by motivate and empower them to challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way.

There are many reason why people choose to exercise, self-confidence is one of them. If you want to join my class, your enthusiasm is all you need.


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Monday 7.45 - 9.15pm
Thursday 7.45 - 9.15pm


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